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Fakultät für Informatik

WS 2023/24

BSc Proseminar: Superstars of Computer Science

[this description of the Proseminar is not finished yet and subject to change]

The goal of this seminar is to get to the superstars of computer science.  When did they live?  Why are they famous?  What did they work on in their Bachelor thesis, Master thesis, PhD thesis and later work?  Every participant of this proseminar will choose a famous computer scientist and prepare a 30 minute talk on their life and work and innovations.  For the technical parts, please give a short introduction to the field, so that the audience gets the context and at least the gist of the work of the researcher.

As an example talk, here Prof. Harmeling talks about 10 minutes on Claude Shannon, so you get the idea.  However, your talks should be 30 minutes long and you can go into much greater detail, in particular about the technical part.  Besides giving a talk, you have to write a six page report on the superstar that you have chosen, where you summarize your talk.

Requirements for successful participation:

  • Choose a superstar of computer science.
  • Research and learn about the life and work of the person.
  • Prepare and give a 30 minutes talk about the person.
  • Write a six page report on the superstar.